Friday, 24 January 2014

Tun Bitter. WOW Branded Beer.

Tun bitter from wow brands on paper seems like a dream come true. An american made bitter lager where it works out to around a dollar a beer. However, after tasting tun you will know why. It is the wateriest, off fruit tasting, worse than bad homebrew kind of beer you can buy. You are better off letting an old pumpkin brew in the sun and drinking the effluent. Bottom line Tun Bitter is a tun o shit. 0.5/10. Do not waste your cash and instead go for the ostensibly cheap oetinger if you are pressed, or if you can shell out a few more bucks go for Carlton's mid strength. Its not fantastic, but it doesn't taste like brewed possum Weiner's, either.


  1. Bloody beer snobs.

    I agree it's weird how non-bitter it is for a beer called Tun Bitter, but no way in the world does this taste like home brew disasters. A bad home brew almost always has way too much flavour of some awful type. The worst you could say about Tun Bitter is that it has a very slight metalic taste to it and is bland. On the upside it's very very easy to drink and the heavy carbonation is refreshing, especially when well chilled.

    For a buck a can the beer snobs can keep their opinions. Tooheys New or VB is now $50+ for a 30 block. No wonder $30 products are getting tried. I'd prefer a Tooheys to a Tun... But I'd even more prefer a Tun to nothing, and at $52 a block I have trouble justifying a case and not feeling like I am indulging.

    1. Go for the Oetingers. Its quite a nice pilsner really. More flavorsome then the watery flat unflavoured cat urine Carlton and united (and the others) spew on to us honest aussies. And its usually not much more expensive than tun, and in most cases it works out to be per mill cheaper than tun. I admit I can drink tun, if its so cold its almost frozen AND I'm already half cut. But there's no way I'd start on it.


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