Sunday, 23 December 2012

Speaking of bugs....

TONIGHT, I ordered from one of our local Eagle Boys (Redcliffe) franchise 2 gourmet pizzas: 1 butchers block and 1 seafood platter. I ordered these in store, and waited. I received my pizzas approximately 15 minutes later.

Once I got home (all of 2 minutes later) I opened the pizzas to find on the seafood platter pizza was a raw moreton bay bug. (the shell was brown, the flesh was still gooey=raw). CONSEQUENTLY, I immediately returned the pizza to the store, at which point the owner order a new pizza be made. I agreed a fair deal.

HOWEVER, whilst waiting I observed the staff in the store (after all, they cut the bug in half, and put it on my pizza raw originally!) I noticed that they clearly hadn't ever cooked a mudbug before. Pizza Ovens don't cut it for cooking seafood. This was how they were trying to cook it (by running it through the pizza oven!) The critical process should be completed before hand (such as boiling for 5 to 10 minutes), and then the pizza oven should be used to "finish" the product (AFAIK they should only be used to melt the cheese and crisp the base - 2 or three minutes on a roller under heat isn't cooking - its toasting!)

What is really concerning is that none of the staff appeared to have any knowledge of, nor any training in the concepts of HACCP or food safety (the Staneless Steel Chef's Knife used to slice my original raw mud bug, for example, was still being used in the same position, which was post Pizza Oven - clearly no barrier to protect against any further cross contamination) This really exposes potentially huge health issues with the entire system at Eagle Boys (i.e. why did the critical process fail, were there any to start with, why aren't there any, how are they controlling other hazards...) Now, to avoid the possibility of eating raw mud bug etc and ending up with something like paragonimiasis, I will make my own pizzas!

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Tell me, what are your food horror stories, and how did you deal with it?


  1. The staff should have the knowledge of food hygiene, which is important for their customers. They all do the same thing for home delivery food.

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    1. Thanks Marina
      I totally agree this was outrageous. I think this may also be connected to the rampant misuse of children in the fast food industry (eg
      For delivered food I imagine there would need to be further barriers in place to prevent recontamination (I.e. keeping the cooked product either very hot or very cold, and away from air and sun etc)

  2. 10-20 minutes is about 5 to 10 times too much boiling time for a bug.

    But I do agree the cross contamination with that knife, if true, is very irresponsible!

    I ordered Dominos tonight. Glad it wasn't seafood. You turned me off the thought of seafood pizza for now. lol

    1. Thanks Zoonsky - I will update the post accordingly.


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